June 21, 2021

Delayed Filing for Tax Returns

Written by Diana Bolen

As a result of the pandemic and many changes within IRS operations, over 35 million tax returns will require manual review, thus delaying the issuance of refunds. This does not include the 2.7 million amended returns awaiting processing.

All tax returns flagged for identity breach are required to be manually reviewed, also requiring the taxpayer to confirm their identity online, by phone or by visiting a Taxpayer Assistance Center. This step must be completed before the return can be processed and filed. Taxpayers with delayed returns will still be entitled to full refunds once the filing process has been completed.

There is no general estimate for when a large majority of delayed tax returns will be completed. Clients are encouraged to visit irs.gov/refunds for updates on the tax return process. Clients awaiting an amended tax return can visit irs.gov/filing/wheres-my-amended-return.

Reach out to  your JHM contact today for further questions and assistance on tax return updates.