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JHM Certified Public Accountants has partnered with local creative agency, Goodstory, to bring our clients some of the top branding, video, and web work in the region. Through this partnership, we hope to serve clients well through strengthened brand assets and visual presence.

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Branding and Logo Design

Branding is the visual, verbal, and overarching experience of a business, product, service, or organization. Great branding propels -  through thoughtful strategy we’ll work together to not only create a beautiful logo, but a comprehensive identity for your business.

Web Design

It’s no secret a website can make or break a brand experience. We’ll work together to thoughtfully design and develop a responsive and user-friendly digital presence for your brand. One that leads to more engagement, leads, and follow-through from your clients and customers.

Featured web

The Newlywed Box

A subscription box service designed just for engaged and newly married couples.
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Featured web

Texas Energy

Site redesign to prepare Texas Energy for acquisition and showcase their true value.
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Featured web

CARS Recon

A digital refresh for one of the top auto auction re-conditioners in the country.
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Video Production

Every brand has a story worth telling. Unfortunately, not every story is heard. In the buzz and clutter of today’s media, words often fall to the wayside. Video has the power to cut through the distraction and engage with you audience to watch, listen, and experience. Connecting emotionally and reaching further with the power of storytelling.

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2019 Showreel

Check out the 2019 Goodstory Showreel for a glimpse of what’s possible.

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Collateral Design

Having intentional branding is foundational in building a strong visual identity. But it’s only part of the equation. Collateral material takes a beautiful brand and puts it into the world, whether it be through business cards, packaging, or printed goods such as booklets, branded swag, or a completely custom solution for your needs.

Digital Marketing

The internet is full of noise. Rather than adding to the chaos, we want to help you break through to reach your audience with a story worth sharing. Driving engagement, building awareness, and connecting with people in the right place at the right time. Because your message matters.

Featured Digital Marketing

Broadway Roulette

Facebook video campaign which led to an 84X increase in sales vs. past campaigns.


Your story is only as strong as the voice telling it. By carefully identifying your brand voice and eliminating clutter, we can create meaningful content that connects. So we can tell your story the way it deserves to be told - exceptionally engaging and beautifully written.

Counsel Creative

Goodstory is a branding and design agency located in the heart of Chattanooga. Created from a desire to serve people well, we’ve reshaped the traditional agency to better serve our clients. No one knows your business better than you, and we know that. We want to be the ones to listen first and act second. To make a plan based off your specific needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Your brand should have the unique attention it deserves. We know true solutions are intentional and deliberate and we can’t wait to help tell your story.

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